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Development of an online cognitive behavioral intervention program to reduce depressive symptoms for Hong Kong adults with depression
Principal Investigatgor: Dr. Jiayan PAN ( Department of Social Work )

Depression is a prevalent mental health issue, which the WHO predicts to be one of the most troublesome ailments worldwide by 2020. Lee, Tsang and Kwok (2007) reported that 8.4% of the general population in Hong Kong experience depression (over 600,000 people), and even more with various depressive symptoms.

  • Lee, Tsang and Kwok (2007) also reported that only 24.5% are receiving professional treatment; therefore, the majority receive no treatment.
  • Cognitive behavioral intervention (CBI) is a proven approach that effectively treats depression.
  • Online intervention has been well received in various healthcare fields to respond to the shortage of human resources yet heavy demand for service. Evidence has shown that online CBI has similar outcomes as those of traditional face-to-face intervention. Its cost-effectiveness and easy access along with the rapid development of new technology have resulted in its acceptance and popularity in North America and North Europe, such as Sweden. However, it is underdeveloped in Chinese-speaking communities, such as Hong Kong.
  • Therefore, the objective of the project is:
    To develop a culturally and linguistically appropriate online cognitive behavioral intervention program for Hong Kong Chinese adults suffering from major depressive disorder with mild to moderate depressive symptoms to reduce their depressive symptoms and improve their mental health with the application of innovative technologies.

  • Grant Support:

    This project is supported by the The Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living (FBL), Hong Kong SAR, China (Project ITB/FBL/5022/18/P).

    For further information on this research topic, please contact Dr. Jiayan PAN.